What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very relaxing and healing energy therapy that provides a bio-electromagnetic massage within your body stimulating changes at the cellular level to align, recharge and revitalize weakened, damaged, imbalanced activities of the body. 

What is Reiki used for?

Reiki has many benefits.  Encouraging healing on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. The NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) recognizes Reiki and classifies it as a biofield therapy. 

Reiki is increasingly being used as an adjunct to conventional medical care, integrated by nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers, both for individual care and as therapuetic programs in and out of hospital settings, for patients and staff.
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Benefits of Receiving Reiki

·  Promotes deep relaxation for physical and mental stress
·  Eases pain
·  Has zero medical contraindications
·  Inner feelings of warmth and being lighter
·  Enhances metabolics
·  Bio-fields are stimulated (aura/chakras/meridians)
·  Assists in balancing organs, glands and their bodily functions
·  Supports the body's natural ability to heal itself
·  Helps bring relief to chronic conditions
·  Aids in shortening recovery time after illness or surgery
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Reiki Providers

Reiki is administered by people who have received an education, attunement, and instruction in Reiki. 

An attunement is a way in which their bodies and minds have been prepared, or “tuned”, and trained to allow for energy to pass through the cells of their bodies easily; clean, crisp and clear. An example might be similar to when a piano is tuned for transmitting a clear and resonating frequency.

You can receive Reiki from those who have attained Levels 1 (Novitiate), 2 (Chela) or 3 (Master) and there is Level 3.5 which is a Reiki Master / Teacher.

Note: While books have been published with the information and symbols used in Reiki there is a certain demeanor that comes with the reverence and intention held by those who are trained with respect of Reiki and its connection to Creator God that you cannot receive from books. This attitude is passed on from Master  (instructor) to student (chela). The belief in and respect of the intelligence of the human body, the soul contained within and the strength of practice provided by Reiki is passed from person to person with understanding.
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Reiki Session Expectations

In Office or Out-Visits:
Reiki is offered to the client while they are comfortably clothed, without shoes, jewelry items or glasses, and lying down on a massage table in a temperature comfortable room within a relaxing atmosphere listening to relaxing music.  Blankets are available and light touch may be experienced in non-erogenous areas.  The energy flows through you, promoting a feeling of peace, well-being and warmth.  Sessions can be scheduled for 60 to 90 minutes, no more than 2 times a week.
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Preparing for a Reiki Session

Very little is necessary to prepare for a Reiki session.

·  Wear comfortable clothing to lie down in for 60 to 90 minutes; you may need to turn over
     onto your stomach.
·  Allow 10 to 15 minutes to fill out initial paperwork and 10 to 15 minutes consultation time.
·  Make sure to remove your jewelry and shoes before beginning
·  Many people fall asleep during sessions; it is common
·  Allow 10-15 minutes after the session before driving.

It is good to be able to have a non-stressful amount of time after the session due to the high level of deep relaxation you will experience.

If you desire, 24 hours prior to your appointment you may:

·  Drink plenty of water; 64 ounces or more 
·  Eat no meat
·  Watch zero television or radio, and don’t read the news
·  If possible not use computer or internet; including phone internet
~   the purpose is to avoid electronic interactions
·  Spend some time in mindfulness and/or meditation
·  You may perform mindful ritual(s) with crystals and/or prayer

These actions will benefit you, and as Reiki is a very deep and effective, gentle and powerful therapy I highly recommend them, if you are using Reiki as a means to further purify and elevate your body’s different fields.
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Reiki Sessions

The first visit will include time for setting intention and/or documenting client history.

Reiki sessions can vary in your number of visits.  You and/or your health care provider(s) can determine that.
We work with you both to make sure that you are receiving the optimum care you require. 

If you are coming for medical reasons we co-create a workable outlined plan for us both to work from and in tandem with your healthcare practitioner so everyone is knowledgeable and working towards your health. 

Please bring information as to your condition(s) and current medications.

Many people have come to work with gaining control over their MS exacerbations.  Others have come when their doctors have not been able to assist them further with any number of conditions. 

While it has proven to be very successful therapy for many diagnoses Reiki is not a recommended therapy for diagnosed psychologies.  Nor is it a therapy that is generally recognized as reimbursable by your health insurance companies.  While many people would say it is worth being recognized.
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If you are receiving Reiki to further your own well-being and enhance your physical and energetic development towards attunement and ascension the preparation is generally the same. 

We will discuss your intention and goals for the therapy and co-create a workable outline to work from for both of us.  All processes and / or therapies you wish to integrate will be included in the plan.

We can set up a maintenance schedule for you as well as a coaching program that will assist you in staying focused and reaching your goals.
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Reiki Links

·   What is Reiki
·  The International Center for Reiki Training
·  IARP - International Association of Reiki Professionals
·  Free For All Reiki Links
·  Reiki Plain and Simple
·  Usui-Do System - Homepage
·  Reiki-Do
·  Sacred Sciences Foundation
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  Just a few
·   Debbie - Bells Palsy
·   Jeff - MS
·   Bonnie - MS
·   John - Physical attack from intruder
·   Gail - Car accident
·   Scott - Neck brace
·   Jean - Hernia
·   Pat - Hip displacement
·   Nancy - Abcessed tooth
·   Barbie - Daughter
·   Alice - Healer
·   Me - Broken ankle (3 places)
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Contact Information:

Phone:      714.478.2427
Mailing Address:   PO Box 8684
    Newport Beach, CA 92658
Office:      San Diego, CA – South County

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Reiki Sessions:  $60 / Hour
  No fee for consultation time

Reiki Packages:  Buy 10 Sessions and Receive 12

Reiki Referrals:  Receive 50% Discount on your Next Session for Each New Client

Professional Courtesy: Will Trade Services

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Gloria’s Reiki Journey:

My energetic healing connection was re-awakened in 1993 when my angels whispered in my ears giving me directions with which to experiment manipulating energy using my hands and my mental power of thought.

Before that from 1979 to 1988 I had worked in a number of fields in hospital medicine, moving into internal medicine and learning more.

I experimented and played with the exercises my angels provided diligently.  It was an exciting new area for me to expand my possibilities and potentials for understanding and development of my mental control.

It was like being a kid and discovering a world of costumes and antiquities hidden in an attic upstairs.
My imagination felt boundless.

Within a year I had explored all the potentials I could find and imagine – at that time, when my Reiki Master appeared for me to learn from and train with. 

Over the next year I learned, trained and practiced using this new knowledge, honing and crafting my personal experiences using Reiki, moving from Level 1and on achieving Reiki Master / Teacher.  Getting feedback from people and learning as much from them as they were learning from me.  My connection to my personal healing powers had strengthened and become more funneled than ever before.  Reiki attunements for practitioners using energy can only enhance your current practices and is a very powerful stand-alone modality to have in your ‘toolbox’ of therapies.

Providing concentrated training time to students to increase understanding and confidence is essential.

Respect of the human body and soul is so important in this work.  Loving the being that walks this earth in human form and helping them to support and achieve their own potentials.
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Students / Chelas

If you want to experience Reiki beyond what you can read or hear second-hand through others, we offer courses of education and instruction, with hands-on practice time.
If you are ready to take that energy work which you know to the next level; to focus it, to tune it, to hone it further Reiki can do that for you.

You know when you are ready.

When you are ready we are here.
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Note: All Courses are small, personal and held regularly.  Call for the latest dates.

Reiki I – You will receive attunement to first degree Reiki, as well as learning the history, principles, philosophy and ideals of this ancient Oriental healing system.  Meet your Reiki Master Guide and learn the basic hand positions for self-healing and the healing of plants and animals.  Chakras and Cordings will be discussed.  Demonstration and ample practice time is provided.   Includes manual and Certificate.

Note: This level is for personal use only.  Not for professional use. 

Prerequisite: Interview and minimum of one full Reiki treatment (at an added, discounted fee) with Gloria Lewis RM CHT.

Fees: Reiki Level I - $150.00

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Reiki II – You will receive attunement to two Reiki symbols for added healing power, learn advanced full body hand positions; plus an additional symbol and hand placements for absentee healing.  You will learn about and practice sending distant healing.  Demonstration and practice time provided.  Includes manual and Certificate. 

Note: This level is acceptable for professional use. 

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 Reiki Training and attunement provided by Gloria Lewis RMT CHT.

Fees: Reiki Level II - $250.00

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Reiki III - At this level you will receive attunement to the Master Symbol and training in the attunement and water ritual techniques needed to attune others to all levels of practice.  Includes Manual and Certification.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level I and Level II training, attunement and readiness interview provided by Gloria Lewis RMT, CHT

Fees: Reiki Level III - $400.00

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What is Reiki – Really?

Science has one description. This discusses the ways in which the energy used can be measured; its output and its results of change from baseline to that achieved. 

Religion defines the spirit of it in their way.  The love of Creator / God for each of us and the potent qualities of belief in trust of that compassion.

What I, as a practitioner, know is that it is a combination, and more. 

The Universe is purported to have been created with sound; before The Word was The Sound from which all was created.  When you combine the knowledge, which man was endowed with the curiosity to find and the belief of spirit, which man was endowed with choice to decide what he believes and you combine them with the faith which is inherent in man you have such power that creates a force of such strength it is unimagined in its potential of being.

The primary level of understanding Reiki reveals a discipline of connecting the energy outside the human body to the energy within the body, and being a vessel to act as a conduit for those who have yet to learn how, for those who wish to just receive – getting out of their own way, and for those who are in such a weakened state they simply don’t have it within them to do for themselves.

The more advanced levels of comprehending and using Reiki and that which is employed in healing comes with additional learning, use of and personal growth in Reiki.
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Reiki & Chakras

Chakras are an important part within understanding the human body’s Energy System.  There is basic study of Chakras available in many different forms and locations.
In a nutshell the major chakra system within the human body provides a space to receive and emit energy.  These major ports are much like the electrical sockets you find in a house; only they are part of our bodies.  The art of Acupuncture further provides us with the minor chakra points throughout the human body energy system. 

Reiki assists the body’s Energy System by relaxing body tissues, providing energy through the chakra network system and immersing the receiving body with energy it needs.  Reiki energy, Universal Energy, is intelligent energy and goes where it is required by the body.
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Reiki & Crystals

Man has used crystals in scientific studies and practical applications for years.  First there was the use of quartz crystals in radio sets to amplify the transmission waves and in more modern use laser tools currently use crystals.  The structure of crystals is an amazing feat of nature.  The structure of each one provides a different amplification of energy as it is transmitted through them.

When using Reiki energy in combination with crystals there is a wonderful compliment to the energy transmitted and its focus into the body’s Energy System.
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Crystal Covers & Crystal Ribbons
(link to Crystal Page here)

Just Beginning?

Reiki plays a big part in providing the energy your body and its primary systems require for better function. 

When our bodies have experienced injury or illness, at any time in our life, the break that happens in the physical body also causes a rupture in the energetic bodies as well that comprise, integrate and surround our physical structures, inside and out. 

This can then disrupt the complete healing of the body – just like those ghost pains that accompanied the time you fell of the bike and seriously skinned your knee.  X-rays show nothing, it happened years ago, the skin is healed, but you experience twinges of pain every now and then. 

I’ve worked with people for one thing and they are amazed when they also feel sensations of healing in areas like this that they only remember when it pains them.  The healing energy of Reiki is an intelligent energy and it goes where it is needed.

Curious to know more about Energy?

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CDs for Relaxation & Healing:
Concepts in Self Healing
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Crystal Covers & Crystal Ribbons
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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
~ Thomas Edison
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